Fujimi's little Ho-Ni tank destroyer (OOB)

If it’s not “what you’ve got” but “what you do with it”, then, unfortunately, the armoured vehicles of the WWII Imperial Japanese Army come up short no matter what you do. As a nation that had no real need of conventional armoured forces, the Japanese never really developed powerful tanks in the vein of their German allies or the Americans and British.

However, as the American island-hopping campaign got underway, it became apparent that some new weapons would be needed to counter the types of tank their enemies preferred. Thus, like many other nations, the idea of the “tank destroyer” gained some traction. One such vehicle was the Ho-Ni. This rather pedestrian effort was largely a “too little, too late” effort, and there weren’t enough to make much of a difference.

Of course, I love oddballs, and this rather wheezy attempt at anti-tank artillery grabbed my right away!
Check out the old 1/76 Fujimi kit of this understandably forgotten tank killer at the link below!

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