Fumina Christmas Angel - underway!

Well, the air is getting colder, the nights much longer, and the Christmas decorations have been in the stores for a couple of months now, so that can mean only one thing: It’s about a month from Christmas! With that in mind, I wanted to do another Christmas Gundam project. However, I’ve got Santa, a sled, an elf and a reindeer… what’s left. That’s when it hit me: an angel!!

So, inspired by this realization, I dug my way through my stash to find my Super Fumina Axis Angel kit. I mean, it’s already a girl, and has angel wings, so I’m most of the way there, right? Right? Well, maybe not. Still, never one to be deterred by some hard work, I have set down the path of creating a suitable Christmas Angel from this Gundam Girl kit.

Check out how far I’ve gotten so far at the link below! Now, all I have to do is get it done in time for Christmas! Should be easy, right? What else is there to do this time of year… other than everything…

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good luck with your Christmas project!

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Thanks man!

Time is short, but that’s also good motivation! :slight_smile:

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Now that is different and interesting. :thinking:

Not quite mecha, but interesting none the less.