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Fury has two new sets of sagged wheels for the Chevrolet G-506

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Nice to have the option to use directional wheels

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Agree with you Robin…nice to have tire choices in order to mix it up a bit just in case the decision is made to make a derelict/civilian vehicle…that just might be faced with “supply chain” issues. :wink:

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Different bodywork …

Phone line maintenance truck



Those tires were less common but they were still around.
Studebakers in Soviet use had them, don’t know if Papa Joe got any of the G-506’s though …

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He got a few.

“…some 47,700 of the G7107 and G7117 model trucks were shipped to the Soviet Union as part of the Lend-Lease program.”

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“a few”
I wish I could convince my wife that my stash is just “a few” kits
:rofl: :rofl: