Fuselage Edge (trimming question)

Hasegawa 1/72 Aichi E13A1 Type Zero (Jake) Model 11 ‘Kimikawamaru’ w/catapult

Newbie to aircraft modeling here.

I’m this far along with the build…

I was thinking of trimming these thick edges and perhaps adding some faux cockpit detail before joining the fuselage halves together and before attaching the canopy. If all goes well, the canopy will be opened-up (see reference image).

Note: The seating assembly and crew are rather chunky anyway and not that well detailed. Just looking to better represent the following image with a little extra wherever my capabilities might allow.

Image for reference only.

Thoughts? What say ye? TIA.


As I recall, you have a aftermarket canopy, correct? Then I would probably trim as the canopy is most likely thin/thinner than the kit canopy.

Some ideas for dressing up the cockpit.



Yup, aftermarket canopy is in the mail. Ryan, that’s a great link — just the kind of references I was looking for! … Time for chop-chop! :hocho:

Thank you, sir!



Jake is an iconic recon plane. I do not know much about its cockpit. I’d probably paint it black and add whatever better looking figures to represent the crew, add the canopy, and make the rest of the finish look at good as possible.

Looking forward to your E13A.

Here’s a good blog about the 1/48 Nichimo Jake: Aviation of Japan 日本の航空史: The Nichimo E13A 'Jake' revisited by Michael Thurow ‒ Part 1

Your Hasegawa model: Aviation of Japan 日本の航空史: Search results for Hasegawa E13A

Hope that helps,



@ Fred (JPTRR). I’m certain I’ve visited that site before — even got it bookmarked. I must not have dived-bombed deep enough to see that particular thread… or was it hiding in plain sight? A lot does tend to get past me in my elderly state. Anyway, I do recall some of the issues mentioned and now there’s more good info. for me to take in. I suppose at this stage, I’ll just carry on to make the Jake as correct as possible.

Really appreciate your input.

PS: Wish I could just reach out and grab those canopy masks off of a store shelf. This international online shopping often becomes a real anchor. :anchor:

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Went for it… :hocho:

Thank’s again for the input!


Already looking better. :+1:

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Those look much better! Nice work!

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Thank’s guys!

—mike :hammer_and_wrench:

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