Fusilier, 52nd Lowland Division, Germany 1945 - scratch build Part 2 Completed

So here are the final photos of my figure project.
It was a good learning experience, and although I can see issues and problems with it, I’m very happy with the result. I feel he’s captured the unique look of the soldiers of this Division.
And I’m especially proud of the slush on the groundwork. My first experience trying some snow effects.

If here any questions about colours used, I should be able to answer, at leat I hope so!


Great looking figure and base. :+1:

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Outstanding job Rob! Great sculpting and paint job!

I followed as you sculpted this figure; it was an absolute tour-de-force in skill and artistry. Your paint and blending skills are exquisite. I am so impressed with this piece, it really is a work of art. The base is right on and especially beautiful, too.

A fantastic achievement from sculpt to paint! Really enjoyed seeing this figure come together and the detail in the sculpt has been further enhanced by careful paint work.

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Very nice! How did you do the snow? Very interested to replicate this.

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You’re lucky as I wrote up a good chunk of this at the time on my Facebook page.

This is a copy and paste :rofl:

"I was after a slushy roadside where the snow was beginning to melt, and found some excellent reference photos online.
Initially I used some heavily thinned buff and grey and ran it between the cobbles to represent dust and cement/mortar.
Then I used diluted AK Wet Effects fluid to add areas of dampness. This enamel based fluid isn’t a gloss but a semi gloss, and it can take several layers to create a significant wet look. I wanted some matt areas to remain to add interest and to show that it was drying out, so I kept the effect closer to the kerbside.

Next I added some mud coloured pigment to the AK fluid and added that selectively.

For the slush I used some Hudson and Allen slush, mixed with some snow material I have no idea where it’s from, I’ve had it so long (‘possibly marble powder….who knows!), PVA glue and the same pigments used with the AK fluid, and water. It was quite thick, and dabbed it into where I wanted it with a paint brush. I then pushed it about with a cocktail stick, until I was happy.

As that was becoming firm, I used a mix of less pigment, snow and pva and dabbed this overtop. It was possible poke the edges into the darker slush and as both layers weren’t set, there was a natural blending that happened.

As final layer of PVA and snow was added sparingly over top.

In the end, I was really happy with how it turned out, it seemed to capture exactly what I had in my head, which was a minor miracle! “


Beautiful work! What scale is it?

Brilliant! Thanks for that, Rob. This effect is exactly what I’m looking for. Got a 1/16 Kharkov figure on the bench and have been trying to work out how to do the groundwork. Hopefully, I can get it somewhere near this sort of quality. This is the reason I keep coming back to this forum. Everyone is willing to share their techniques. Once again, thank you!


Wow, the figure looks amazing and the setting makes it even more wonderful.

I like the cocked helmet, it adds to the character. The face is superbly painted. Altogether am absolutely great little vignette. You should be very proud of this one.

Well done!


Its 1/35 scale

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Thanks Mario!

Very proud indeed. Entered him in a competition and he didn’t place, but it wasn’t for scratch built figures, so I assume he looked like he might be a commercial piece! At least that’s what I tell myself (my French Legionnaire Para actually won, so all good)

And thanks for noting the cocked helmet. A deliberate placing tilting opposite to the rifle! :+1:

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Rob you did an outstanding job on that figure in every respect. Curious as to why it didn’t even place at a competition. Beautiful job nonetheless!

Well the judge actually told me that this, my British D-Day Para and my FFL Para were actually first second and third, but as they were obviously by the same person, they thought of spreading out the awards more! I can’t complain, as I took 1st in 4 out of 10 categories!! :flushed::flushed::crazy_face:


Oh ok I see. We do the same thing at our shows if it’s 1,2 and 3. Medals are somewhat different where you’re getting recognized for your quality of work rather than direct competition.

Really nice job man! Good for you. Nice subject too.

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I took this model and a few others to the British Model Soldier Society Annual show back in September. I haven’t been to this show since 1983(!) when I was 15, and won a junior trophy for a converted Airfix multi pose figure of an Argentine Marine Commando.

Happy to say this figure won gold in the scratch built/converted category. Obviously I had a pretty successful day, but it was nice to return.


Congratulations, that’s a nice haul of metals. :+1:

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Outstanding job Rob! Congrats on your well deserved medals!

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