Future project :Hypothetical M1E3 (M1A3)

This is a project im planning after watching the video about the Chieftain taking about the planned M1E1 and building the Abrams X inspired me to build a a M1E1 I plan to combine parts from the Abrams X and a M1A2 SEP V.2 or V.3 most likly keeping the hull of the Abrams X bud modifying it to only the driver in the hull as i cant see 3 crew cramped into that tight space concidering your average american tanker is 6ft and moving the gunner and TC back in to the turret not sure if my build will have a auto loader or not but the turret of the Abrams X kit will be modified to have a manned crew also not sure if i will retain the drone launchers the crows will be retained not sure if i will keep the 30mm and modify it to give it a little more of a lower profile or use the crows from a V.2 or V.3 and will be moved to left rear of the turret
Now if the Abrams X were tested by a crew one of the complaints will be a lack of external stowage so o plan to modify the back of the abrams X turret and add a bustle rack id love to hear some of your ideas to maybe impliment into this build stay tunned for pics

I was just thinking about doing something similar. I have the Rye Field v.3 kit and thr Amusing so ill check later to see if the turret rings are compatible

I just tried it it fits a little loose but it fits, you plan on yours powered by a diesel, diesel-electric hybrid or turbine?

I was probbaly going to stick with with the turbine but really haven’t thought about that yet. Im also wondering if thr Abrams X turret sits too low making it impossible for anyone to use the driver hatch.

I did a test fit and it sits fine most of the mods on my M1A3 will involve the turret adding crew hatches gunners primary sight housing,bustle rack,relocation of the crows not sure what configuration of the crows though either 50 cal or 30mm or who know maybe a 20mm and clean up the configuration of the Trophy APS the more i look at it on the abrams x the more it doesnt look right

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How are you making out with your hypothetical M1A3?
as for the hull I havnt really decided anything other than only the driver in the hull rest of crew in turret
either 3 man turret or just gunner and TC