Anybody have dimensions for this thing? I know it is based on the chieftain chassis to some degree but there is a larger gap between the first set of road wheels and the second pair (larger than on the chieftain anyway) has anybody measured the Bovington one? I don’t have chance to go at the moment.

You might find some answers here… (I don’t have a clue about this vehicle, I googled FV4211 dimensions…)

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Thanks, yeah I’ve been there, doesn’t give much out, I know the FV4211 is based on a chieftain hull so some basic dimensions will be the same,
This looks to be the closest, (bogie wise)it is really just the wheel spacing dimensions I am after.


Exactly that, looks like the first pair have been moved forward slightly (probably to cope with weight distribution of the nose armour, there seems to be a 7 link gap on the FV4211 rather than a 5 link on the chieftain, the rear sets look to have the same distance as the same as a chieftain.

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Simon, it may be worth getting Terry in the loop as he volunteers at the tank museum… he could probably find out some info on it first hand…

Terry @Terry1954

Thanks, I will msg him, see if he can help

I’ve heard that gap between 1st & 2nd bogie on Chieftain was to allow faster short tracking while under fire. Something learned from the Ozzy experience with Cents in Viet Nam.

Isn’t that also where the waste disposal hatch was on Chieftain?


I don’t know about that, thought of short tracking missing the first bogie would seem like a mobility problem, normally short tracking is for missing idlers. The waste disposal is just in front of the second set of bogies the gap would make no difference as it is placed so close. The FV 4211 is based on a chieftain mk5 hull, I can only presume that the difference in the gap is due to the chobham armour package to stop the nose from grounding.

As Simon mentioned, short tracking is only really meant for when the Idler is U/S. If you lose a wheel bogie you are pretty much screwed … You could possibly in theory lose the middle one, but I wouldnt fancy anyones chances getting to far like that … if you lost the front or rear your centre of balance will be shot and it will either plough in or drag … And Mal :grin:… there is seriously no fast way to short track … its a PITA at every level … I only did it once when we lost an idler … and once was enough …

Went looking for the post about that - Chinese Eye Chieftain - Page 12 - Armortek - see post dated Sat, Dec 14.2019.
Perhaps ‘faster’ should have been ‘easier’, though the two seem to be constant companions?

The Ozzie ref is in the post dated Tues, Dec 24, 2019 - nearer bottom of page.