FV432 Mk3 Mortar carrier

I have here a Takom kit using the Scorpion miniature models and Accurate Armour conversion sets to make the above. Both kits where very easy to use and fitted the base kit well. Also used were Masterclub tracks.



Nice Ivan, will get on my to-build-list.

Nice build, my only pick is that no MK1/2 NBC packs were used in the upgrade to mk3s to my knowledge, only 2/1s upgraded.

Nice one Ivan, way to go!

Did the cam pole holders come with the kit ? If not, nice addition :+1:

Very nice. I’ve got the same in the stash minus the SMM bits. Takom kit + AA conversion makes it less daunting than the full AA kit.

The cam poles holders come with the kit but you need to drill them to have a better representation.


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Thanks Frank I had the bits so I used them​:+1::grinning:

Thanks for the comments,build blog here if anyone would care to look,

Nicely done!