FV434 drawing available?

I have the idea of converting Takom´s FV432 into a FV434. I am aware that there is the AA kit, but I don´t want to spend 90 GBP on it. Does any of our British members knows if there is a drawing of track?

What about a picture ?

From this walkaround

Another one


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Hi Frenchy, again thanks for this. I found several good pics of the track before, but this will definitly help.

That will take an awful lot or work to do that conversion!

I don´t think so. Decades ago, I build the M9 ACE complete from scratch, THAT was a lot of work.

:+1::grinning: carry on the good work

If you have Facebook there is a 432 appreciation society

Fv430 series appreciation society
They have the manuals


Hi! Some misunderstanding here I guess. He doesn´t mean the track itself, but a drawing of the full vehicle I guess. My advice to you, Hermann, look at an old issue of “Soldat und Technik Erkennungsblätter” in case if you collected these. There might have been a usefull drawing. Some were even nice and detailed, others only basic and wrong.These are held in a digital archive,


however I do not know how to work with material of that page.

I am only aware of two drawings in books which I have, and one is totally wrong. So I can not recommend it. The other one is the one on which I based the Berlin scheme on. I can send it to you, it is also included in the kit.

From my point of view, the AA kit is a very nice kit, but it is very old, and when comparing it to my pictures to copy the Berlin camouflage on it, some little details seem quite off. But it is the only game in town.


Hallo Andreas,
thanks for the info. I collected enough pics of the vehicle to make a conversion. Your materials on Berlin Infantry Brigade are VERY helpful. I get the TAKOM kit tomorrow so that I can see if it´s possible to do.
btw It seems that the Brits in Berlin were very helpful on the the matter?