G13 The Swiss Hetzer


Details man, what kit and what add on did you do? I like it, hope to make one some time in the future.

Nice! Not something you see every day.

MR Modellbau from Germany does the conversion.


I used this conversion to build one too. It is designed for of the Dragon Hetzers. However with a bit of extra work I managed to have it fit the Tamiya one.
A new conversion with some PE parts would be great or even a full kit but obviously Swiss armor do not appeal the plastic manufacturers.

Nice job on the not so easy Swiss armor color :+1:


I was aware of that. I think I saw it before but @Frenchy pointed it out last year in this thread. He also included links to @Bison126 build. I am wonder where @smolensk got the decals.

Hi Tank 1812
unfortunately this is a my old model and the pictures of detailing and construction was loose.
so remain only my memory to support us.
The model is an very old Italaeri, after Italeri
the paint was a mix of panzer gray and olive drab (half and half)
gun is recycled by StugIII
indler wheel was made by two disc of plastic card
long job was around engine deck
decal was a cut and paste from Leopard 2 Italeri
I think you can search pictures in internet but, if you don’t found a good photos I can share my library by mail