G506 tow truck

Probably a kitbash of existing sprues,
still cool though

Doubled front tires was also tested by 2.5 ton trucks in military service


I would agree and also cool.

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With manual steering - you’d have to be The Hulk to crank that steering wheel standing still. I remember what a workout it was parking a Deuce.

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That’s why cars and trucks had much larger steering wheels back then.
My dads Mercedes from 1965 was quite a handful to “steer” when it wasn’t moving even though
it only weighed 1.2 - 1.3 tons

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Looks out of box, two of the four options are for the dual front.

Good combo of existing kits by MA. I remember my first few cars, without power steering, and what a beast they were to drive! Adding dual wheels up front would make it a real challenge even while moving…


If so, cranking the crane hand winch should be no sweat… :wink:

Talking about The Hulk, here’s one on steroids


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The other side from The Modelling News: Preview: The civilian version of the 35th scale U.S. Tow Truck G506 from MiniArt

Cool kit. I like the fuel tank on the Hulk truck above.

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You can see the CAD, decals, PE, etc. here:

And modelled using Tamiya’s excellent 1/48 kit:
Edit: Two kits actually - the Deuce and the fuel tanka.

I was inspired by this photo:

Oddly, Squadron left this feature off on their cover art.


I kitbash.
They kitbash.


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I want one for sure. I love that Miniart is doing military trucks repurposed as civilian vehicles. I would love it even more if it were 1/25th scale, but I will gladly take 1/35th.