Gas Hans - French Armored Carrier UE Tracks | Armorama™

Aftermarket directly 3D printed tracks in 1/35 scale for Tamiya French Armored Carrier UE (No. 35284) from Gas Hans.

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These look like a must for this kit- what kind of assembly/clean up is required, I wonder?

Seems to me that they are sold complete in one piece (per track):

Clean up is needed to remove the track loop from the carrier/backing/print surface

399 Kc is roughly £15, US $18 or 17 Euro (187 in my currency)

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Not sure if this really brings anything to the game as the kit tracks are quite fine.

Yes, looks like it. Could save a bit of work.

Thanks. Clean up might be tricky, but worth a try I think.

What would be nice is a 3D interior.

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