Gaz Tiger remote weapons station CAD finished!

Finished Gaz Tiger remote weapons station CAD for someone ordering a 3D print in 1/48.
Didn’t fathom that I could pull off something complex like this only a month ago.
I acknowledge that LiveResin’s 1/35 offering is better so don’t be a troll.
It will be a cheaper alternative.

Those darn bullets and feed channel took forever to do!

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1/35 3D prints of Gaz Tiger RWS finished. Needs a bit more clean-up but with the supports removed:

Spent shell basket was too thin for printing and didn’t make it. :frowning:


Looks damn good to me! I’ve only just started 3D printing in plastic and resin definitely provides a much better resolution of the parts. But I’ll cut my teeth on the plastic till I’ve got more skills then hopefully resin!

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