Gaza Ambulance

Found a plastic toy GMC Utility Van for .99¢ at the thrift store.
I disassembled it to mask and paint it easier.


Aerosol can Safety Red/ Orange painted the bottom. I had to go higher than prototypical because I wanted to cover the existing red stripe along the side.

Then prep and painting the wheels…


The front light bar was made from parts of a disassembled electronic component.


This was a quick weekend build. The insignia and placards were sourced from the internet then scaled to fit the model. I printed these onto self adhesive label paper.

The scale is approx. 1/21

Thanks for looking.


Looks good, an interesting model you don’t see every day.

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Thank you. I had this toy van stashed under the bench for a few months. Finally saw an appropriate subject build for it.

Certainly a type of model we don’t see very often. Very nicely painted. The method of decaling is really rather unusual, but it’s certainly realistic as I’ve seen vans and trucks with all sorts of ad hoc methods used.


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Thanks for the comment. The decaling is really my own, cheap and easy, method with materials already on hand. The Chevy and GMC ambulances I’ve seen on the internet are actually professional decal and graphics.

Cool project KSO, great result. Can’t really go wrong for 99 cents!

Cheers, D


Thank you. Yes, you are correct