Gecko 1/16 PZ II ausf F video


There’s some interior detail in the turret, quite a lot of it in fact, but…what’s it for?
It’s the gun and the mantlet mechanisms, up at the front. You can’t really see it through the hatch. And you can’t turn the model into a cutaway because it will become obvious that the hull is empty.
The areas that you can see through the hatch are the back and sides of the inside turret. But detail is missing from there. We get the chair and the vision ports, but not the equipment boxes, the intercom, the traverse wheel or the MG trigger.


I can’t believe you are complaining about this.
I don’t understand why they did add the turret interior but I’m certainly not going to complain about it.
If you want to nick pick the kit-why not ask why the wheels are split down the middle?

What is your definition of the verb “to complain” ?

A quick search returns “to express dissatisfaction or annoyance” and I certainly didn’t do that.


I think I’m gonna get one kit! Always liked the Panzer II series

Come on David…

So it’s fair to say that I didn’t complain at all. I made a neutral observation about something unusual in the kit.

And then you accused me of “complaining”, An attempt, using peer-pressure, to shut me up.

And now this “come on” post… is a second attempt to shut me up with peer pressure.


Ok, caveat: I do not know anything more about this kit than what I’ve seen in the video, and a few decades of modelling… Maybe there are future releases pending? With an interior? Otherwise why have a separate hull hatch with interior detail and nothing else to show for it. It does not make sense to go to the expense if you’re not going to utilise it. And, this is kit 0009. Also, the separate interior walls of the hull speaks to other versions, maybe a Marder? Either the 5cm or the 7.5. I. Am. Speculating.

The tracks did look rather robust.

About the only reason to not buy this is because I am buying, or will buy, the Tiger from Takom / AHHQ.

I think that they either simply copied the Dragon kit or ran out of money for the hull?

The hull inner walls are detailed as well as the floor, at least the beginning details. Makes me think they may come out with a full interior version or a Marder II version on the tank.


wespe please

I thought Andy did mention the reason to get more detail but why be concerned with interior sink marks etc unless doing an interior/clear hull version later. I do agree with David, it seems confusing the interior bits offered vs what one would need if looking through the hatch/vision ports. Maybe working with another company to add those interior bits.

Seems like 1/16 is a “new”/“rediscovered” market and companies are trying to figure out what this market wants detail wise.

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Yes, I think that’s the answer. The inclusion of barely-visible interior detail is a start that they made on a full-interior version.


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I finished the Tasca 1/24 Panzer IIF recently and watching the video, this Gecko kit is definitely a scaled up version of the kit. Parts breakdown and many other features are identical, like the rear mudflap assembly and tool clamps. This is not a bad thing since the Tasca kit is excellent. Gecko has added lots of details that I had to add to my Tasca build, like the manufacturer’s marks on the face of the roadwheels, bolt detail on the lower hull, interior muffler compartment detail, weld and screw head detail on the turret, etc. so that’s great. But Gecko has also done some of the same things that put me off, like molding some of the tool brackets on the fenders (which makes it hard to replace them with aftermarket parts). They’ve also molded the fire extinguisher as one piece, which doesn’t do it justice in 1/16, and molding the jack lifting ring on (although it looks good in the video). It would have been good if they gave you the later fire extinguisher as well as the early one, as the kit represents a late build of the IIF when most of them would have had the later extinguisher. They give you a great rear smoke bomb launcher but no smoke bombs or the retaining chains. The worst I can see is molding all the hull and turret lifting hooks as two pieces - the base is molded on the turret and hull parts, the hook as a separate part. These were of course prefabricated parts that were screwed to the hull and turret, so lots of filling here to make them look proper, depending on how they fit. Tasca molded them as one piece separate parts (to which I had to add the screw detail using Passion Models turned screws!).

FYI, the kit was released about a month ago and is available already.


Dan everyone has the right to add their observations and every member has the right to agree or otherwise.

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I would have to say that after building Takom’s Pz IB with absolutely zero interior detail—thus forcing you to build it closed hatch— Gecko has made a major improvement. I would have preferred to have a figure in the turret, but without the MG receivers and seat, etc., it would have looked lame. Even basic shapes to imply boxes, pipes, et al, is better than nothing.

It seems quite the norm now in 1/16th for manufacturers to produce kits this way with no or very little internal detail.
ILK’s Shermans have zero detail.
AHHQ’s Sherman has the gun breech and 2 seats.
Das Werks Stug has a detailed floor breech and radios but no fighting compartment back wall detail.
Hellers Stug is devoid of interior detail.
Classy Hobby’s Stuarts & Luch have partial turret detail.
Takom’s Panzer 1’s have no interior detail.
It looks that AHHQ’s Tiger will follow the trend too.
Plus as stated they choose to do some details in some damn infuriating way and some real WTF ways of doing them to boot. LOL.

Like it or hate it I think the 1/16th scale market has been established now. Personally I love it myself


I beg to disagree, if you were to use this figure from AFV Modeler, you would see previous little in the turret, and it would look effective… Charging forward!

And, as I have the Panzerjager 1b, I took the liberty of adding the interior for the same, also from AFV Modeler.

I’m not very familiar with the Panzer II.
There is a manual in an archive, showing the insides, but it’s for earlier versions than the “F”.
Does anybody know if any museum has an “F” and are there internal photos?


Yes. Russia, Kubinka