Gecko 1/35 Scale Landing Craft Assault

Just noticed this is scheduled for release soon. Very much looking forward it but not in the shops here yet.

yeah just seen that in the Tamiya model magazine today.

How many times are you going to be on the telly Alan?

Listed for October release (UK) by my my Favourite (UK) on line retailer

Still waiting, was supposed to be here in November.

Darren, they ring up now and again for an opinion, happy to oblige…

Well the new kit arrived to day, looking forward to the build.

Mine arrived the end of last week.

Enjoy the build Darren. This is my progress so far, still the wheel house to complete and create a suitable crew.





Hi Alan,
I got mine just yesterday.
Don’t know if you remember me from de Vosper build
and later the PT 518.
I’m looking for some good photos of the LCA .
like off the tarp on the deck
Yours looks excellent.

best regard ,
Tom de Kruijff

Nice looking build Alan, really like the subtle weathering :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:. I have two of these in my stash, just waiting for Gecko, or a.n.other, to provide a crew, plus embarked British/Canadian infantry.

I seem to recall that Gecko are making a version as used by U.S. Rangers on the Pointe du Hoc raid. I guess the Italeri figures for their landing craft could be used on that variant?

Once again, great build, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Lovely build. :beer: :beer:

Hi Tom, remember you well, great builds. I got lots of pics through google. Some interesting ones from the Burma Campaign. Still working on crew and passengers.

Hi G, if it’s a beached boat then there are quite a lot of troops around you could use. Closed up and moving the troops sat down on the benches so not so easy although I’ve been contemplating using some of the Mini Art Tank riders in a Burma setting as there are some good pics on line.

Hi Taffy3, Thanks for the comments, enjoy your builds folks…