Gecko Bedford MW Beutewagen

It’s assembled, but I found this kit quite frustrating. Firstly, it has tiny pieces of PE without plastic alternatives, which I always hate. Secondly, I don’t think parts of it were well thought out. For example, the instructions direct you to build the steering as workable, but all the parts were too flimsy to allow this. Also the wheels were supposed to be moveable, but once again the mounting points were too small and too flimsy. I ended up having to just glue everything up solid, which left me dissatisfied, although it looks OK. The bonnet catches were supposed to made up of five different PE parts with styrene springs. This was never going to work, the whole shebang is just tiny. I’ve included the instruction page so you can see what’s required, but the completed vehicle isn’t very big, so this was minute work beyond me. I ended up just gluing the springs to the bonnet and forgetting about the PE. Another part I skipped was making up a small chain from several tiny links - really? What annoys me is that many of these small details could have been easily moulded on without losing any definition. I would much prefer a moulded on detail that is there than a load of unusable parts that I can’t add, meaning the detail is lacking completely. I think in future I will avoid Gecko - although some of their figure kits look interesting.


I quite agree with you about tiny PE parts like that and manufacturers not providing plastic alternatives. A good portion of that fret seems ridiculously small- just stuff asking to ping off into who knows where! Not to mention the possibility of it being knocked off during handling. Still, it looks like you made the best of the PE parts.

Thanks for that. To be fair to Gecko, the major parts fit well and there is a lot of good detail - the engine particularly. The instructions are a lot clearer than Dragon! On the other hand being used to Tamiya, I like to see positive locations for small parts added to the large assemblies - not so here. While doing this kit I was also working on the new Airfix Austin K2 ambulance. Now that is a recommended kit. The location of the parts is so good, you could almost make it without glue, it virtually snaps together.

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The instruction paper looks alike Bronco. Furthermore it’s almost the same designing style. Really a disaster,but after your experienced modelling, the car finally looks perfect.