Gecko Big Scale Panzer II | Armorama™

This new Panzer II Ausf. F is Gecko’s first release in the larger 1/16th scale.

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Hopefully these CAD drawings are preliminary, as the cupola and hatch are VERY wrong. The ring with the photoetch, perforated part on the hatch is actually part of the interior of the cupola!

Great choice for a 1/16 kit though; I really enjoyed Tasca’s 1/24 version.

Here are some thoughts of mine, based on what I can see in that single interior image;

  1. Junction box is missing
  2. Intercom box is missing
  3. Brow pad is mistakenly attached to hatch
  4. Raised leather stitching is mistaken for a row of holes
  5. MG trigger mechanism is missing
  6. Flare storage is missing
  7. Port retaining spring is missing
  8. Headphone storage is missing
  9. KwK trigger mechanism is missing
  10. Ring cover attachments are missing

If this is intended to be a “through the hatch” interior, it could be acceptable as we see it. But I don’t think it’s good enough to display with a transparent turret.