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Gecko Models are to issue a useful set of 1/35th scale British Army truck drivers.

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These could be interesting. Not an expert on British uniforms, but could these be used for post-WWII? If so, how long after?

British Battledress - Wikipedia.

Its states 60s in that but you would be good for at least 50s for sure.

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Looks like the lady in the middle resembles a youthful version of her late Majesty in her time in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.



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It was substantially changed in 1949; soldiers really wanted a better fitting garment and something to “Walk-Out” in, so a new version was designed which had pleated breast pockets, the map pocket moved to the side of the leg and lapels added to facilitate a collar and tie. I’m sure this is all included in the reference in Wikipedia but I’m afraid I couldn’t be bothered to check.

I wore it when in an Army Cadet unit aged roughly 13 so that would have been 1967; I noted that when, as a youngster I visited all those Army displays and firepower days prevalent in the 60s, that BD was still in use. Whilst Combat Dress had replaced it earlier for exercises and operations, and the No 2 Dress for parades, it still seemed to be widely used as a sort of barrack dress. I was also issued a suit in 1969 when I joined my Junior Leaders unit. We hardly ever wore the blouse but the trousers were used throughout my 2½ years there, again, as a barrack dress trouser ie with shirt sleeve order when in summer, or pullover order in winter. We did not wear the trousers with anklets, but with was either ammunition-boots or shoes.

I noted that some old sweats still used the trousers when I reported to my first unit in BAOR.

As an aside, the Mixed Services Organisation (MSO) had a variation in that there BD was dark, navy blue. The MSO were a labour force consisting of those unfortunate eastern Europeans (mostly former Displaced Persons) who could not return to their homelands due to Soviet domination.

So, from a modelling perspective, say, Korean War all in WW2 pattern. From 1949 the pattern as described bearing mind the introduction of anything new in any Army takes time; Suez in '56, the 1949 pat if not in Khaki Drill; closing down of the Empire if not in tropical/Jungle kit; BAOR from inception up until say, 1971, but rare.

An example of the MSO version (filched from the web):

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If I am not mistaken, the female driver is Queen Elizabeth.