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Gecko Models are to release a new model in the near future, the 35GM0072 1/35 WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck.

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I asked this question on a thread about the soft-top variety of this also being released but got no reply so I’m hoping to get an answer here. Were these trucks used at Dunkirk?

It is possible due to its service life.

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The markings on the truck used for the boxart of the open cabbed variant were based on an original photograph of a derelict example sitting forlornly in a puddle on the beach at Dunkirk. The boxart shows an abandoned vehicle on the beach at Dunkirk.

A long way of saying yes…that’s why so many ended up in WL/WH service on the Eastern Front


Thank you @CMOT and @simonking- much appreciated :+1:!

Great news but likely a very long wait. Still waiting for the K2Y ambulance we were supposed to get in 2021.

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The K2Y is out! I already have mine (with HRH included).

Wow ! From where if I may ask ?

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All the Hong Kong shops have them. HobbyEasy and Hobby Search. Hobby Search has the special boxing with HRH.


You are very welcome.

I think Tiger models are the UK importer

Looking forward to this. Hope they do a Bedford OY too.

Damn, yet another potential member of the ‘never to be built stash’. :sunglasses:

Waiting on mine. Glad to see at least Commonwealth soft skins are getting some styrene love. In the meantime we just sit and wait for some US prime movers…