Gecko Models Daimler Armored Car mk1

I purchased the Gecko Models Daimler AC Mk1 kit along with the Star Decals set.

Still have to do some weathering.

It’s marked for the 17th/21st Lancers deployed to British Mandatory Palestine in 1947


Very well detailed inside and out.


Flashing present on many parts, unacceptable for a newer release.

Some parts don’t exactly fit the way they should or where the instructions say to glue something ends up causing issues late in the build. Such as the spare tire. The holder should be a couple cms to the right of where the instructions say to place it.

While detail is appreciated,

They ended up making the suspension for example way too difficult. For example each corner is 30 parts each and the important part is too fiddly.

The attachments for the turret floor to the turret ring are super fragile and the slightest pressure and they snap.


I feel your pain. On the previous reviews, I declined to purchase for stress alone’s sake. That’s why there are now 3D printed suspensions and mudguards.
See Missing Lynx - Allied for more info, on a search.


Calling it done.