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Gecko announces four new sets of figures of Vietnamese Civilians from 1960-70

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“The blue bus is calling us”.


Very nice. These will come in hady for sure.

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YES. Yes. Yes, and Yes!

Most Vietnam era civilian figures are appropriate for scenes in Saigon or Hue, women working in fields didn’t wear Ao Dai’s. These figures show the locals as I remember them. Nice job.

Vietnamese farmers, tending to the rice fields while American soldiers patrol… That’s a great dio if i ever seen one.

M-113A1 ACAV on a dirt road, while the female farmer and her water buffalo plows the fields just off the embankment.



Great releases, a must have for my collection. I would probably buy 4-5 of each. Hope they keep them coming with children and teens as well as our favorite “blue bus” and Mopeds with riders (male, female).