Gecko Models LARC-V (Modern Version) | Armorama™

With the Vietnam War version of the LARC now available to purchase, Gecko Models have now bought their 1/35th scale LARC-V up to the current day with the announcement of the modern version.

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Would love a LARC LX in 1/35-all injection kit! I’m sure Gecko could do an awesome job with this one too!

Only slightly bigger.

1/35th scale
LARC-LX 54.3 cm long, 23.1 cm wide and 17 cm tall.
M1A2 hull length = 22.7 cm so the LARC-LX is slightly wider than the M1A2 hull is long

I wonder how much you will pay for this? 200 Bucks?

I’m not sure that it would be at that price, but even if it was-I’d still get one-maybe even two. Like I said before, it’d be great to see a nice all injection LARK LX in 1/35!