Gecko Models Scimitar Advice

G’day all

I saw on the HLJ site tonight, they have a Scimitar Mk 2 kit from Ops in Estonia, made by Gecko, avail for preorder.
Is anyone familiar with Gecko’s kit quality? Is their Scimitar significantly better than AFV Club’s offering?
I only ask because for me, it would be an $A80+ kit. That’s no-go territory for me, given I already have a Scimitar kit & this Gecko option would need to be BLOODY good

Darren Baker has a review here of their Operation Herrick Scimitar:

I guess the kit should be quite similar.

The AFV Club Scimitar is the FV107 Scimitar MK1 if you like, the Gecko Scimitar MK2 TES or Estonia is the MK2, a radically new hull with many improvements & a Scimitar turret, a different looking beast.
I have a couple of Gecko kits, as yet unbuilt, but they look lush

I too have a few gecko kits. Their A9 and A10 cruiser and a couple figure sets. I too haven’t built them, but they have rave reviews and in the box they look like the best kits I own

I have built a few of their kits and the fit is generally good complicated by the high parts count and small parts.

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the AFV Club Scimitar is a totally different beast. The Mk.2 is based on the Sampson hull. you can check out my build of Gecko’s Mk.2 Scimitar here:

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Just awaiting paint on my one, the build is very high parts count and delicate bits, some of the build sequence is strange

Thanks all. Really appreciate everyone’s input here