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Gecko Models are to release a modern US Combat Weapons set.

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It is a mix of the old and the new, actually, but most welcome nonetheless.

The M60E4 is a “first” in 1/35 and fixes many of the flaws of the M60E3 in that E4 usually works. SEALs use to use the M60E4 until it was replaced with the Mark 48 SOCOM machine gun. Some SEALs might still use the E4 although it’s not really official issue.

The USMC HK M27 is most welcome and Gecko should have added more to the set.

The LAWs could have been a newer version just like the 1/35 Dragon LAWs, but they’re still in use and re-entered production.

The other guns can be purchased as plastic or resin aftermarket items.

I would have preferred more USSOCOM weapons such as the Mark 46 and Mark 48 machine guns, the M-16A4, and some silencer cans. Milktor’s six-barrel automatic grenade launcher could have been added even though many soldiers prefer not to carry it.

Overall, looks like a very good and helpful kit but some of the guns date back to the Vietnam War = not exactly US modern.

I am happy that they did the M16A1 w/30 rd magazine. These will allow you to arm '70s through late '80s Cold Warriors easily. I think it is the first one in an accessory set. Nice.

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And Gecko included PE straps and decals which is a huge “plus.”

Obviously, there are more sets that can be made such as M2HB .50cal, modern sniper rifles such as the Barrett MRAD, smoke grenade cans, Flashbangs, M79 grenade launcher sawed off, MP7 and APC9K submachine gun, pistols, radios and walkie-talkies, and so on. It is high time that 1/35 modern plastic weapons catch up and substitute for modern resin ones.

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Good combination of weapons used by our forces from 1989 to the present.

I remember we carried Mossberg 500s around in Iraq (2003); got those fresh out of the box, along with basic M4 carbines (no rails, no optics and had the older CAR “fiberlite” stocks) and M249s. We did not get the KAC QD mounts for the M203s, so our squad leaders had M16A2s with the '203s mounted.

Gecko should also include M4A1s with M320 GLs, M240Ls, M32A1 RGLs and Mk47 Stryker AGLs on another set; maybe a “Modern Special Forces Weapons” set, along with the weapons @Trisaw mentioned.

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Gecko could change the name of the product to the 1990s to mid 2000s period or something. The 2000s is 20 years ago. Especially because of the “War on terror”, the gear and equipment were upgraded fast.

The wood stock M14 or M14E2 were used here and there, but more of some oddity than general issue. The SDM-R (M16 marksman), SR25/M110 took over for nearly 2 decades now in the marksman role. Most rifle now have some kind of sight system, railed handguard, IR laser system, etc.

The Mossberg 590 is in use in the US, which look much the same, even more so at the scale offered, so that doesn’t matter.

Of course there are always the reserve forces with older gear, but well, they go with have left off for them.


This is a welcomed release but I am going to reserve my comment until real sprue photos are posted along with its pricing. I am especially interested in seeing how well these would compare/compete against 3D printed small arms.


I’m curious how this stacks up against my carbines, M16, and M27 sets and Live-Resin’s carbines. I don’t have the M16A2 with the M203 heat shield yet though so that’s nice to see. Would’ve been nice to see an M16A4 or M4 carbine with a RAS system though.


Yes, there is a lot of modern Western weapons 3D printers can make. The Javelin is just entering the 1/35 marketplace, but there are Loitering Munitions in tube canisters, new sniper rifles, remote operated stations, grenade launchers, etc. in various scales.

One market not even really touched is 1/24 police and S.W.A.T. weapons. For many years, resin makers say that they will feed this market, but no one ever really did…and police lightbars too.

same goes with vehicle partitions (separating the rear seat for prisoner transport), workstations, weapon racks, pushbars and other vehicle equipment.

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same goes with vehicle partitions (separating the rear seat for prisoner transport), workstations, weapon racks, pushbars and other vehicle equipment.

OK, going off topic here…

The FBI has/uses confiscated vehicles of all makes and models, both foreign and domestic, so adding 1/24 police equipment to a foreign made model car is entirely possible if the car represents the FBI.

HobbyEasy lists this in stock at the end of March with a price of $14.10 USD.