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Gecko Models continues its interest in items from the Vietnam War era with two new items

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A s the (Vietnamese ?) saying goes, “you wait ages for a Lambro 550 and then two come along at once” *

  • There’s another one made by B&L models, and also one from CQV Miniatures.



I hope Gecko continues on this path with more vehicles from Vietnam.
That three-wheeler will fit right in with the other three wheelers.

Ditto. A Renault Goelette minibus would be cool…


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A modern diorama of the trike would be of one under a bus or scattered across the road in front of careless driver.

Yes indeed!
Followed by the various military Goelettes …

The old Wespe Models ones would take a well-deserved retirement…


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Injection molded CONEX containers . . . it’s about confounded time! Thank you Gecko! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cajun :crocodile:

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Now we’ll need a couple of figure sets, drivers, civilian passengers and drunken GIs, not to mention crates of chickens and pigs! Ha ha Wayne

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You missed one. Joe Fix Studios also do a very detailed Lambro 550, as well as a 450.

Those are some great looking Vietnamese kits!

The Gecko kit looks a lot like the vehicle in the Indiana Jones movie (without going back and rewatching the movie) A future diorama??

Thanks to Gecko for the Viet Nam stuff. Where can I get B&L products in the USA? Looks like they make excellent products. They are not on eBay. Looking forward to seeing all of the Vet Nam Dioramas containing these products. Dragon will probably re-release all of their good old Viet Nam stuff.

It’s not the same three-wheeler. I guess it’s a typical Tuk-Tuk