Gecko WWII US Paratroops w-Cushman Parascooter | Armorama™

The latest set of US Paratrooper figures from Gecko Models will soon be available.

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Box art is rarely something to go on when assessing a kit, (The actual model may vary from the image on the box) but at least it shows the correct angled heels on the jump boots. Kit makers have been missing this feature for years. Presumably the artist is basing that depiction on something he saw.
On the other hand, what’s up with combat patches on all of the figures? Hopefully they are not actually molded onto the arms, as it’s quite incorrect. Easy enough to remove, but how can you make a mistake like that? It’s worse than putting US flags on 101st figures.

Gecko always include decals for their figure offering Rob

I’m getting this. I have the first two Airborne kits from Gecko. They are, in my opinion, very nice kits.