Gen 4 Supra 1/24

It’s definitely a crappy situation. I’ve used the enamels (including on this car) and I can say with certainty that they are the best enamels I’ve worked with. Hopefully at some point a distributor is able to work out a deal that will squeeze some into the US of A.

Given the option I rather air brush a car shell or any surface that I want to polish and wax for a final finish with lacquer or a Acrylic lacquer, but for hand painting, enamels are certainly the way to go as they cover and self level way better then water based Acrylics, which is what I use now.

Same here Joel. My buddy Owen, who works with me at Great Hobbies, was quite taken with the new enamels when I brought them out the day they came. So taken, in fact, that he decided to try and use them to airbrush his new Tamiya 1/24 Toyota 86 body. Suffice it to say he was less than plussed, considering especially that he uses lacquers to paint his car bodies. That being said, I’m already stocking up on enamels because, as you said, they work excellently for brush painting. Even when compared to acrylic paints with acrylic retarder, the oil medium seems to work better overall.

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