General Grievous 1/12 Bandai

I will be painting and detailing up a bit. Just detailing the cream armor parts. These parts seem to have a marbling effect in them in pictures I’ve seen and I would like to try copying that somehow.

I have already painted the flesh parts of the figure.

I used oil paints for these. The eyes come in colored plastic, which honestly is a good thing. I still have issues painting very small things like that. I finished them off with a coat of wet effects. I was going to use future, but I think future is a little too thick for this. Maybe I should say my old bottle of future is too thick, not sure how old it is now. The eyes will be exposed, but the “guts” will be covered by a clear plastic part. So I wasn’t to worried about making them look great.


you need to be careful with oil and enamel thinners on bandai kits as it weakens the plastic.

great work so far!

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I’ve been building models for like 35 years. I know how to use oil paints on Bandai’s plastic. If you’d like a tutorial I can help you with one.

Since I have few different Bandai kit, I would be interested in seeing one. :+1:

I’ll do more detailed steps when I get to the painting of the rest of this kit.

The first step is buy a bottle of this stuff…

Odorless turpenoid. For all the years I’ve been using it, I’ve never had any Bandai plastic craze. The Barbatos gundam I posted in here a few months back was literally soaking in this completely several times. Clean, no primer or painted plastic. I still test, I know not all plastic is created equally. But for 13-14 years I’ve never had any problems with this. This is the only thing I use now for making washes and filters for everything I build.

I use Winsor and Newton oil paints. I usually put a primer down before using these. I used Mr. Surfacer 500 from a jar on the guts for this kit. I have layed oil paint on to bare Bandai plastic. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know how the paint acts. For washes/filters, after it dries, the pigment doesn’t adhere to the plastic very well and can be knocked/rubbud off very easily. I will get it about where I want it and topcoat it. For painting on bare Bandai plastic, I’ve only done it sparingly and never had any issues. Other then waiting several days for it to dry.


Wow good paint job :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Just finished snapping him together. There are some weird fit issues. Which I thought was more weird because it’s a Bandai kit. I built a T-70 x-wing from Bandai a few weeks ago and it had similar fit issues.

Whatever. Next up will be cleaning mold lines, gluing some things, blah blah blah. I really want to get to the painting on him!