General Lee.....ish Charger

When I started this build I had no intention of building the General Lee as everyone knows it. I am a Charger fan long before I am a “Dukes” fan but still like the look of the General Lee so I hope I don’t hurt any GL purists out there looking on.sorry bout dat I built one as a kid and have always wanted to have a second shot of it. Only this time I got to add my own touches to it. I started with the stance. I didn’t like the high stance of the Lee at all so I set out lowering a bit all the way around. I also went with wider wheels from the AMT Eckler Corvette kit and used a set of tires(which I turned into Bf G’s by way of decals ) from the Revell Challenger T/A kit so I could have a more aggressive look. Secondly, if I had one of these it only makes sense to have opening doors…hence the door handles. Third, I love the looks of the 69 Charger R/T grille…a true testament to the aggressive looking front ends of the time so I opted to show the R/T grille unobstructed by not installing the grille guard up front. Just couldn’t do it guys. The exhaust tips are from aluminum tubing that I bevel cut and spun up to a high shine. Lastly, the GL is NOT an R/T which I simply could not have. If I’m going to build a Charger then it’s gonna be an R/T and it’s gonna have a 440 and not a 383. You’re also not going to find a roll bar or CB radio inside. I love the looks of a factory interior in any car and have always liked the Charger interiors in particular so I couldn’t “spoil” any of that.

The kit is from Revell. Paint is Testors “Go-Mango” lacquer with Testors “Wet Look” clear. Decals are from the MPC GL kit which was really the only visible part that I took from that kit except for the front and rear license plates which came from Thomas Logan at Speedway Decals. Exhaust tips are aluminum rod cut to length as well as bevel cut and polished, all scripts and details are from the Model Car Garage PE set for the Revell kit.


It looks great. I love the added details for the interior. You should submit these photos to AutoModeler as well. We could use all the quality content we can get right now.


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That’s a great looking Charger. Very well done.


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Beautiful build, love it!

Cheers, D

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Thanks alot fellas.

staff_Jim: I’m gonna go check that out. Thanks man.

Great build Joseph, really like the addition of seat belts to add to the realism :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now there’s a General Lee that the Duke Boys would really appreciate and love. Once again you nailed the interior to a T. The lowered stance really adds to the overall look of the car.


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It’s a Charger so what’s not to like, even more so when it’s finished to this high standard.

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Sorry for the late reply fellas. Been a busy month with 7 day work weeks and then a vacation at the end of that. lol Thanks you guys.

nice job !
I have my kit in the shelf from 20 years…
sooner or later I’ll do it

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Thank you smolensk! I had the MPC kit for around 3 years before I realized that it was such a bad kit. The Revell Charger is a much better base for a General Lee build.