German 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Here is another of my dioramas, built some time ago.


Ah, the old Tamiya quad flak gun with crew. I wonder how many millions of these kits are out there.
You’ve done a good job on it. I did mine in a winter scheme. I’ll dig it out sometime and post photos.


Nicely done !!
I like the care you took to depict the movement of the wheels from the trailer in the muck

Good question about those millions of copies out there :smile: I got one myself, that’s for sure…

Otherwise: Nice Diorama! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, I’d like to see that.

@PaulG you asked for it! I built this what seems about a million years ago. I was just getting back into modeling and it seemed like such a big deal to drill out the barrels and add footprints. I used the Tamiya ‘sand bag’ kit which is why the sand bags look completely uniform. I made a plexiglass cover for this (which is probably why it hasn’t broken) and it sits on my bookshelf in the work room. As old as these are I still really like them and think they build up nicely.

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Nice :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I drilled the barrels out on the end like that - I’ll check next time I see it! (Mine is also under plexiglas and is at my mother’s house…)