German 250 halftrack tire size

Does anyone have the dimensions of the wheel and tire of a German 250 halftrack? Some photos show 600-20, that’s 600mm or 23.6 inches in diameter and 20 inches on the rim? And 17.78 inches wide at the wheel?
The Dragon kit wheel is 22mm in diameter, which is less than those measurements.
Some clue? TIA

I don’t know the actual size of the 250 wheel but maybe this helps.

If the Dragon kit wheel is 22mm its bigger than the 600 mm to 620 mm measurement.

Dragon’s 22 mm diameter wheel in 35th scale would have a diameter of 770 mm if scaled up to actual size.

22 mm × 35 = 770 mm

770 mm would be ~ 30.3 inches

In a build log at TrackLink Darius Stucinskas says

SdKfz 250 wears 6-20 tires. Oversized tire that would fit the rim is 6.50-20.
6-20 tire is D823 x w156 (diameter x width) this corresponds to D23.5 x W4.46 in 1/35 scale.
6.50-20 tire is D848 x W 168, or D24.2 x W4.8 in 1/35.
So tires are slightly wide, but they are perfectly OK in terms of scale. Interestingly, PT drawings have 6-20 markings on tire sidewall, so this must have been scaling mistake.


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