German Brush Ambush Camouflage Paint Mask Set | Armorama™

DN Models have released a German Brush Ambush Camouflage Paint Mask Set in 1/35th scale

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Is that Ambush,I thought ambush scheme was 3 color camo with the dots,never seen this before,just wondering?

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I was thinking the same thing. Not seen this kind of camo pattern before.


Not exactly what I would define as “Ambush Scheme”, far from it. This definition is the paint scheme equivalent of “Every German tank is a Tiger”. I can tell you where it can from however, the imagination of the restoration team at Kubinka.

As for its historical accuracy, it represents a brushed-on camo in standard 3-tone finish, it just looks rather garish with such sharp demarcation of the brush strokes. If it was a bit more subtle and showed actual, streaked brush strokes instead of bold slashes, it would appear more realistic. Looks like they just waxed and buffed it.

Screen grabs of its original appearance. Note the earlier drive sprockets not present on the restored vehicle.

A little more subtle finish too. :wink:

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My impression of the “Ambush” camouflage…



It reminds me of the camouflage pattern used on this Panther at Bovington…


Or, if that brushed effect is what you are really after, you could even just use a brush!

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