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Randy L Harvey reviews the book, German Field Artillery of World War II, from Osprey Publishing by author Steven J. Zaloga and illustrator Felipe Rodríguez.

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Looks like another one for the bookshelves!

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Nice review, Randy!

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Thank you Bill. :slight_smile:

Sweet. Very interested in the Beutegeschütze. Thanks brother in depth review.

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I received my copy yesterday, bought on the basis of Randy’s review (agh! alliteration!). It’s everything he says. I have several of Steven Zaloga’s titles and they always packed with information, as is this. Only 48 pages, but a lot of information. It could be a handbook for Redlegs on German Field Artillery. Recommended.


You’re welcome Fred, thank you. Gotta love those captured weapons. :slight_smile:

Glad that you liked the review and that it proved to be helpful. Thank you. :slight_smile: