German Fire Brigade trucks

Just went far out of my comfort zone and went to the handover ceremony of a new firetruck in a neighbouring community.


Wow, nice photos. I am saving them all. Thank you for sharing.

If there is interest, I have a couple more on my HD.

Sure there is interest when it comes to fire trucks. I have the following to get to someday and this doesn’t include all the American Fire rigs.

Plus, I am sure there are others here that will also appreciate your photographs :wink:


Some more from an Open House event at the City of Coburg Fire Brigade back in 2018.

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Italeri did also some Fire Truck kits.

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And finally some close-ups of an LF16. These can come handy for building the RoG LF 16 kit.

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I take it the “FRW” on the building sign indicates “Volunteer”? Are they a part-time but compensated firefighters like the Retained Firefighters in the U.K., or charitably funded organisations like our Mountain Rescue?



You may want to add this to your collection:



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@HermannB, wow buddy, those are awesome. A lot of good references material that I won’t be able to find own my own. Thanks a million.

Your links reminded me that I do have few more fire rigs. Italeri old German Classic Fire Truck.

Btw, how are you posting all those photos real fast. I tried to share photos and it won’t allow me to post more than 5 at a time and many of times it overloaded and would just drop my entire post as if there was nothing. I would have
To start over again.

@MoramarthT Tom, I have thought about this mini fire rig but I was hoping to see a work in progress before pulling the trigger.

Hi Tom,
yes, Frw. means freiwillig or volunteer. I live in a Gemeinde, thats some small villages connected. We have about 2200 persons. The firefighters get no compensation. Here in town, the brewmaster is part of the Feuerwehr, which means they never run out of beer after their training.:slight_smile: Their employers leave them from workpalce if the alarm siren sounds. Most of the job of the Feuerwehr is to help with road accidents or natural disasters like flood. Fires are luckly very rare here. They get basic training on site, but some are qualified for wearing respirators (Atemschutz). This training happens in a facility (Atemschutzstrecke) that is run by the county. A problem is the equipment, which is paid by the states. The older fire truck you see ( not the Dodge Pumper). was in service for 30 plus years. That Mercedes truck, called LF 16, is the M4 Sherman of the German Fire Brigades. Btw LF 16 reads Löschfahrzeug 1600 litres or pumper. The new truck is a HLF 20 or Hilfeleistungs Löschfahrzeug with 2000 litres capacity. The price for such a truck is about 350 000 Euros. Our firefighters are also resposible for the ICE bullet train track that is about 12 km away. The track has many tunnels and it will be no fun if a fire occurs in a tunnel.
@ Stryker45 I can also only post 5 pics at the same time, so I have to be patient when uploading them.

For those building braille scale, Hasesgawa released a Rosenbauer Panther Crash Tender.–1301387
RoG made a Rosenbauer Simba crash tender, which is a collectors piece right now.

If I will get into fire fighting I rather go for Trumpeters Oshkosh TFFT truck made by Trumpeter.

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There was an individual on facebook scratch building the M1142 Fire truck in 1/25 scale. I loss track of his wip and don’t know if he finished it. But, it sure looked super in Large scale.