German green mix Tamiya paint

I am painting my Stug IV build and I am at the stage of camo. In the past I had used Tamiya dark yellow. Dark green and red brown straight from the bottle. Wanting to get better at painting German armor, I’ve started to mix up my own colours. For the yellow I used two parts dark yellow, 1 part desert yellow, 1 part flat white and 1 part flat flesh. It came out nicer IMO

I now want to paint the green stripes in this camo pattern


I was wondering if anyone has a mix for dark green. I find the straight Tamiya dark green too dark. I was thinking of lightening Tamiya olive green with buff or something similar

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Here are some ideas, never tried them myself I don’t know how good they will work for you.



Remember that there could be a wide variety in the green. If applied at the factory, it would have the color standard appearance. But it was also issued to units for application in the field in a paste form. Depending upon application method and what thinners, if any, were used during application, the opacity and tone of the color could have wide results in final appearance.

But starting with either XF-58 Olive Green, or the new recently release XF-89 Dark Green 2 and later that as you prefer would work well.

Thanks for the reminder! I do recall reading this elsewhere. I’m not too too picky on the shade of green but find Tamiya dark green way too dark, almost a black green. I think I’ll start with Tamiya olive green since I have it on hand and lighten it with buff until I am happy! Cheers

@Mead93, Tamiya XF67, NATO Green might also be suitable base to consider maybe with a little buff or off white added.

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I tend to use NATO Green quite a bit.

The German name for their green was “Olivegrune” (spelling not necessarily 100% correct) which = Olivegreen. Tamiya already has that color - Olive Green! Fade slightly to taste.
BTW Tamiya has a new Dark Yellow #2 which looks better than their previous one.