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Here we take a look at one of the BIG releases of the year in the form of a German Iguana PSB-2-28 (m) in 1/35th scale from Hobby Boss.

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Looks amazing. Beats another Tiger or Panther release !

I Have one … in My hands!!! The comments seem correct as this IS the prototype of the ‘Leguan’. As I have researched this and other AVLBs, I noticed that the road wheels do “kneel” as the spade is lowered and the bridge is extended. I would like to also note that this vehicle could be looked into on YT, where I started my research, but ‘Tankograd’ has a pictue-related book on the tank, from its development with different countries, what each section does, and a Very complete set of pictures in a walk around of the tank and associated truck.

There is Much I would like to say, but I’ll be posting a video of the “Unboxing” of this kit, so look for it on YT!!

Hey, just in case you haven’t seen it… here’s my “unboxing” of the PSB-2 from ‘Trumpeter’…

Sorry for the video being so dark, I think I’m going to change my programs IF I’m doing a video, my stills I can change aspects of color so that is not a problem.


Hi @mmareesm - and firstly welcome to the forums. Just watched the unboxing on YT, and I agree, it was pretty dark as you said in the above the post, but it was very interesting to see it come out the box, which is very big and packed solid … The stills are perfect, show all the parts very nicely and clearly. Thanks for posting the YT clip.

yeah…‘Johnnych01’… that was my first “unboxing” and it is Terrible!! I think I will re-do it with a better program and Much more lighting!! ( I did it as I was coming home from work in the early morning and didn’t want to ‘bug the wife’ thus hush voices).


Under no circumstances upset the wife lol … Ever. It was still good to see the kit though and what the box offers. :+1:

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Howdy ALL… I want to continue my sharing of my video(s) of the continuation of the build of the German “Iguana” PSB-2-28m AVLB. Just to let you know that I have started on the build, working first on the road wheels, idlers, and sprockets.

It is a bit lengthy, but not as much as the Second video…that I will be producing.