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Jeff Shiu ventures into WWI period with his new large scale figure set "Imperial German Machine Gun Team".

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Nice MG 08/15

Thought they were new Star Wars figures for a second, that franchise has borrowed so heavily from World War images. Had a neighbor just down the street that looked a lot like those fellas too. He blew himself, meth lab & garage up one evening.


Body armor looks real …

… but they should wear boots, not gaiters. They are neither Poilus nor Tommies … :wink:

Photos taken by me at the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Peronne (Somme). If you’re interested:
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I don’t know the circumstances which lead to these photos. Short supply of boots? Muddy conditions making some prefer leggings?


According to „Jürgen Kraus, Die Deutsche Armee im Ersten Weltkrieg (p. 198)“ the so called Wickelgamaschen or gaiters replaced the boots more and more due to better fit. This trend wasn’t appreciated by the military administration, but it could not be stopped the more this item became a distinctive feature of the new storm troops …


No doubt a better fit was obtained! Sloppy fitting pull on boots in deep mud must have made life in the trenches that much more taxing.

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As the war progressed Germany suffered a shortage of many materials leather included. The land and sea blockades reduced drastically the amount of animal feed it could import. Less feed equals less cattle and less animal hides for equipment and boots etc. If you consult the excellent series of books entitled 'Feldzug 1914-1918 you will see examples of basically cardboard ammunition pouches etc. Boots used too much leather. The British army wore ankle boots and puttees as a matter of course.

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Thank you for sharing the details that help explain the changes observed. That’s very insightful :clap:

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