German paint cans

I know that the Germans sometimes applied camo in the field, but how was the paint to do it supplied? In cans, paste form? What type of containers did it come in?


From what I’ve read, German camo colors came rather thick-ish in a small flat can - maybe a bit bigger than a shoe polish can. It was thick and concentrate, and could be thinned with various liquids - water, fuel, turp, etc., for application by compressor/paint gun, brush, mop, broom, or rags, etc. The paints’ durability depended on the thinner used, and method of application.
An interesting pic of helmets being repainted for DAK:

This may be of interest, or use:

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thanks for the info and the links!


Wow are they actual cans? The green looks nothing like the normally imagined olive colour, more like Humbrol Matt 117, American Light Green, which is what I use. I was going to post that Culver & Murphy state in “Panzer Colours” that the paint tins came in 2kg and 20kg sizes. These would presumably be the 2kg size. There were tables that gave the amount of each paint needed for set vehicles, to enable units to order the amount of paint they needed.

Other cans. Some trolls say it is fake…

They look like they were cardboard cans, with metal top and bottom… Great pics though!

Hmmm…and I thought they came in a much flatter tin. Guess I was wrong! :roll_eyes: