German Panzer colours - Internal (here we go again)

I know we’ve all been here before, but here we go…
I had a bookmarked page to David Bryden’s website which covered internal paint on German tanks. It gave all the information I required to paint my RFM Pz IV with internals, which I now need as I have reached a stage where the engine and two stroke motor have to go in, so I can’t avoid painting any longer. Naturally, the link doesn’t work any more!
I used the page for my King Tiger; it includes comparisons for accuracy with model paints and suggestions for mixes to get more accuracy, which was really useful. Could any one help with a working link please? David?

Didn’t find what you are looking for, bu MIG has a set of interior colors.

I bought that MIG set. I have all the colors already in vallejo air it seems after matching them when it came. @Hohenstaufen if you google king tiger mig colors it will give you the numbers in the king set.

Have you tried plugging the URL for your bookmarked page into the Wayback machine? It has some archived pages of websites that are now defunct. Give it a go:

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Not sure where this took me. I entered the URL and it just gave me a calendar listing the dates it had been accessed. In orange at the bottom it said URL not found, so presumably the link is broken. I got a “404” error when I tried the URL BTW. Fortunately I have discovered my Humbrol paint chart I downloaded and printed off. It has all the info I need annotated. Thank God for pen and paper!

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, alas I am still in the Dark Ages using Humbrol. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

I live and breathe (cough, cough) Humbrol!

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You can trust another David. David Parker is using Vallejo 70.982 Cavalry Brown.
It is a very good compromise between all variants. I mean this is the most prevalent shade of Red Primer.

See his book on 1/16 Tiger II