German Soldier, France 1940 (Verlinden 120 mm)

I would like to share with you my latest work - slightly converted figurine from Verlinden (120 mm). In original soldier is holding French helmet, but in my kit it was in poor condition so I made French flag and helmet is part of the background.


Wonderful work. Its nice to see people still working on Verlinden figures! You’ve managed to capture the uniform details in superb fashion with excellent details and color. The helmet and the newspaper are nice touches too but the flag is the real star here I think! The color immediately draws you in to the figure and the folds and detail as they sit in his hand are well observed- it really does look like a fabric flag. May I ask what you used to make it?

Great piece vor work. You should be glad the helmet was in such poor condition, the figure works so much better with the flag.

Nice scene, love the story its showing.
Good work overall.

Grtx Jan