German Steam 1970-71

German steam along the Mosel. In spite of some 25 years passing, these scenes give a good idea of how Reichbahn rolling stock and loco would look.

25 years ago? Almost 50 years when I count correct. And its not Reichsbahn but Deutsche Bundesbahn.

HermannB, you are correct. My apologies, I was not clear on my intent of the post. I should not post when half asleep - like right now.

We have a railroad campaign running and one of the modelers has asked questions about DRB colors. By 25 years, I meant since the end of WW2 in Europe. And as Deutsche Bundesbahn rolling stock and ballast colors don’t seem to have changed since the Reichsbahn, this video is a good source for those colors.

Do you have information about Reichsbahn color and markings?



Hi Frederick,
for clearness we should differ between the 3 German railroads. After WWI, the Länderbahnen had merged to Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft DRG. After WWII railways in East and West were split in Deutsche Bundesbahn(West Germany) and Reichsbahn (East Germany). No-one knows why a socialist state calls it “Reich”. I am from Western Germany, so my first hand experience with East German Railway is very scarce. And Railroading is not exactly my area of interest. I have a few friends in railroad modelling that answered my questions when they were. Perhaps Wikipedia is a much better source for this.
BTW the term Länderbahnen (State Railways) is origining from the early age of railway (19th century). In Germany, every kingdom (state) established their own “national” railway.

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Hallo Herman,

Thank you for the information. The other day I finally managed to acquire a Lilliput Dampfloko in livery for the Rheingold passenger train. The documents mentioned all the different versions of that particular locomotive, including the
Länderbahnen. I was not familiar with that so I researchedit briefly. Very interesting. I have a small and very eclectic number of German locomotives and Rolling Stock, starting with a Lilliput 4-6-0 (2-3-0?) of the Royal Prussian railways.

Yes, peculiar the DDR would title their railway system “Reich.” During the Nazi era, was it the Deutsches Reichbahn or just the Reichsbahn? I am ignorant of that railroad history.

Are you familiar with the Mosel Bahn? My mother’s family are Mosels. I have a German language book that I am slowly translating about the Mosel Bahn.

If you have information about Reichsbahn colors and information markings, it will certainly be welcome at Railroad Modeling. I certainly look forward to your knowledge to teach and correct me on Germany’s railways.

All my best, Fred

Hi Fred,
for clearness we should name Reichsbahn from 1920 to 1945 Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft or DRG. “Socialist” Railway in Eastern Germany Deutsche Reichsbahn DR and railways in West Germany Deutsche Bundesbahn DB. I know the times in the 1970´s when steam engines were a common sight here. My interest in railways was triggered again with the release of Trumpeter´s Baureihe 52 Kriegslokomotive. Being overall an armor modeller, I went to Deutsches Dampflok Museum in Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg and took a comprehensive walkaround on the BR 52 on display.
I think these pics were also used by Voyager Model for their update sets.It could be found on PrimePortal site.
A word about the Baureihe 52 engine. It was one of the most build engines during the war. I think that about 7000 of them were build. Hencefore it was one of the main engines after WW2 in East and West. After the war, DR and DB started a rebuild program called Reko kessel. Original BR52´s were simplified in many aspects to easy production. So it´s very difficult to find an original Kriegsslokomotive. I think at least one engine is in running condition.
A word about the axles/wheels. What you call 4-6-0 would be over here 2-C-0.
Two front axles with small wheels followed 3 driven axles. Kriegslokomotive BR 52
was 1-E.
As mentioned before, I have only marginal knowledge on Railway stuff. I don`t know anything about the various railway companies like Mosel Bahn. To me steam engines are fascinating but not more. I started some years ago researching in railway construction machines after DB rebuild the tracks near my hometown. These things are really big, but they didn´t get the same attention as steam engines.

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Hi Hermann,

Thank you for the clarification of the Reichsbahn from 1920 to 1945 Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft or DRG. “Socialist” Railway in Eastern Germany Deutsche Reichsbahn DR and railways in West Germany Deutsche Bundesbahn DB.

Your BR 52 walkaround photos are splendid. I’ve read how the BR52s were parceled out for war reparations, and modified extensively but did not know it is difficult to find an original Kriegsslokomotive.

The railway construction machines are amazing. I have seen some in action. Unfortunately, I was not able to stop and watch them.

Hi Fred,
here some pics of my collection covering various epochs of German railroading.

Baureihe 52 as original Kriegslokomotive but with modern livery.

BR52 Reko Rebuild

BR52 in Wartime livery at DDM Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg

And the perhaps most beautiful engine in Germany. Bayerische S3/6. A pre-WW1 Schnellzuglokomotive S3/6 of the Royal Bavarian Railway. BTW the designation S3/6 means Schnellzuglokomotive with 3 powered axles and 6 axles at all.