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Here we get a look at the 1st set of German Tank Riders Set 1 from MiniArt in 1/35th scale.

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Clearly meant to represent youths of 12SS “HJ” with their older section leader. Two (the non-com and on seated figure to left on box art) are wearing the later SS smock, with the camo strips sewn to shoulder, chest, back and arm. The other two wear form of combinations/overalls cut from Italian camo cloth, which seems to have been unique to this unit.

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9th and 10th SS were only a year or two older than 12th Division’s guys and recruited en masse like them.

Vast majority of all troops of every formation in every nation was 17-20. So, get away with what you can!

Thank you both for the additional information which I am always pleased to see provided.

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True. But as far as I can tell, the Italian camo combination was unique to “HJ”. The stocks of Italian camo cloth originated from LSSAH from its time in Italy after being pulled out of Kursk. Similarly, they acquired stocks of leather U boat clothing supplied to the Italian navy. Both the leather suits and the Italian camo filled holes in German supplies. They are commonly seen throughout ISS PzKps, particularly in “HJ” and SS sPzAbt 101. By contrast, “Hohenstaufen” at least seem to have been supplied with German clothing, although the unit was always short of trucks, even using captured British Bedfords from Dunkirk and French Latils as gun tractors in combat units.

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Dear old Uncle Heinz (on my father’s side) was 18 when he was called up in 1943 - 9th SS.