German vehicle MG34 mount question

A little help, please. On German armor, for example - the rear anti-aircraft mount on a 251 half-track, the MG mount appears to be just a cradle for the barrel of the MG34. How did the gun stay in place? I haven’t been able to find any information on how the gun was actually mounted. Did the gunner just use the half-round cradle as a rest? Wasn’t the gun strapped in, or bolted, or fastened in some manner?


The U shaped cradle had machined extensions on both sides,
The MG34 barrel was put in place at an angle and
then rotated into place…basically a bayonet system.
The female part which locked the barrel is place was machined
in 2 different locations on the barrel so as to how the MG was to
be mounted. At the front for a bi pod or at the back for vehicle use.
ie half track mount, tank mount or motorcycle mount.

See the cradle on the left of page for different views.

There is also this mount but it is designed for the MG42 and as you
can see is quite different.

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I get it now…