German Walkers

After the failure of Operation Overlord and the United states subsequently declaring neutrality a mere six month after declaring war, German High Command colluded that another invasion from the Atlantic will be ‘Extremely Unlikely’ and therefore redirected resources to their secret walker program. After the set back of the Battle of Debrecen four months later and no more support from other Allied nations the Soviet Union halted all advances and staged a holding posture. This along with the need for oil from North Africa gave Rommel the second chance he was craving. Being put in charge of the new weapon systems the General and Germany once again entered a theater they believed to be lost.


Good idea, great execution with a very believable historical background! And on what scale? Well, the physical principles of the weapon must be added: obviously not throwable with gunpowder.
Is this a completely homemade set or branded? Resin or 3D?

Thanks, the tank scale is 1:72. I wish the walker was home made. It’s a bought set from Games Workshop. All the information regarding the weapon systems was destroyed and the self destruct mechanism insured no one would ever know. Speculation is that it was some sort of high temperature laser. No survivors could be found to question. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Necron Canoptek Doomstalker? I’ve been watching the releases in the “Imperium” part-work for any stuff that can be got cheap and re-purposed. The scenery sets are usually decent value, yesterday it was the plasma conduits which I believe are otherwise pretty much OOP.



Jip thats the one. :grin:

Really well done chipping on this one!!

very impressive indeed.