German WR 360 C12 Locomotive from trumpeter

Now that I got a few of my railcars built I need something to pull them around my yard so I picked this locomotive to start with. It’s seems pretty easy and only has 250 pcs to build it. It’s not much bigger than the rail cars themselves so here we go. Thanks for following


Few more part pics. This part come fully molded one pcs. Kinda different


The undercarriage is pretty simple and goes together fairly easy. I like to leave the wheels off so I can paint them easier but this one it kinda tricky because the brakes and linkages will stay on the undercarriage. There seems to be just enough slop in the wheel fits to pull them off and on.


Ended up stopping here at the install of the floor for tonight. Pretty good amount competed tonighy and this kit seems pretty good. There are some heavy push holes in this kit that will need to be filled and some of the fits in the axles are looser than I would have liked them to be. There’s not a ton of details yet because I am guessing the real train was probably fairly plan in its construction so there my not have been alot of details to make.


Some serious speed building going on here with this one and the rest of your small rail network !!! but , speed build or not, they are all looking great and its a really good job being job through out …

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Thanks. I feel I am faster than some guys are for sure. But I do put in alot of hrs. It’s not unusual for me to build for 5hrs or more in a day. I am a commercial fisherman and we just got done for the season so I am getting some well deserved home time with nothing to do so I can get alot built in a few days. I guess I don’t always spend as much time preparing each part as perfect as I once did when I know I am planning on covering up alot with dirt, grime and rust in the painting process. I have built probably 50 models in the past 5 years and I think I have stream lined my process pretty good. But I could always improve


Hats off to you for your normal day to day job … Thats hard graft for sure. Keep up the great work :+1:


The engine hood goes together pretty fast. And the cabin was a little hard to fit together properly but at the end it came together ok.


Just got the hood and the cab sat on it for the 1st look and I am liking it. The radiator is really cool with alot of detail the dash still looks pretty simple and looks like it needs something more.


Thats looking really good … some great work going on here :+1:

Thanks, all these rail cars and this locomotive are only about 50% done. They all still need some filler and sanding before paint. I still have one more car and another locomotive and the big rail gun to build for this diorama I am planning. Lots of work ahead


Nice start. What color are you going to paint it? I finished mine in bottle green, as apparently was sometimes the case. Also I had some decals printed, for which I received the digital version from CMK. I still have 6 sets left over.


I was thinking Grey with the red wheels but after seeing yours I am unsure now. Your came out great. I love the stickers. They add alot. I wish I knew why they painted them the different colors so I could more accurately pick for the best fit in my diorama.

These shunting locs were property of the Wehrmacht. That might explain why they are a different color.
As said, I have 6 sets left, so if you want, I can sell you one. Send me a pm if you are interested…

Got it primed and did a round of color modulation before my base color will be added.


Message me about buying two sets of stickers please I would like to see them please thanks

I got the base color applied and I used the color that the instructions said to use and the Grey looks very dark. I wish it looked more like the pictures on the paint guide look like. Looks like I will be doing alot of lighting weathering on this one.


Your switcher convinces me that I need one. Amazed by that one-piece hood. Slide mold technology, I love you. Looking forward to the paint.

Erwin, what brand of paint has RAL 6007 bottle green? Is RAL 6020 chrome green also available? Tru-Color has matched them for me but are so busy filling orders that they haven’t had time to send me a sample.

I used AK real color RC049.
And for RAL 6020, Hobby Color Converter (a indispensable tool), shows the following