German WW2 tank book

Hey guys I need a bit of help. Our daughter is a highschool teacher. She has the kids that need help. One of the kids is autistic. Not real bad but still has learning issues. Comes from a poor family. He is a WW2 German tank fanatic. I thought I would buy him a book on WW2 German tanks. But which one? It needs to be relatively simple. Basically a catalogue of all the German tanks.

Any suggestions on a basic book?
Via Amazon if possible.


Does it have to be Amazon? This probably the best bang for your buck:

I’ve bought quite a few books from David; the business is basically him and his wife.

*edit: I was just looking at the update banner on top of his site and looks like he will be at AMPS Atlanta so perhaps I’ll see him there.

Amazon would be nice because I have money to spend with them!

What, did you redeem a bunch of soda bottle caps for Amazon gift cards?

Seriously though, however you obtain it you will not find better for the price or the extensive array of vehicles represented. The author did not win his accolades for no reason.

Christmas gift cards!

You can find the title on Amazon, shipping to you well that’s a different story and didn’t look into it.