German WWII Tank Destroyer crew uniforms in North Africa

Hello, I am building a German Marder III of the 15th Panzer Division in North Africa in 1942. The question I have is in regards to the uniform of the crew. Would they have worn the field gray uniforms like those in Europe, or would they have worn the same uniform as Afrika Korps tankers. Thanks.

“Army personnel were forbidden to wear feldgrau continental, or navy, Luftwaffe or Italian tropical uniform items, but shortages of supply, especially in North Africa, and Individual preference, particularly amoung senior officers, subverted this regulation.” - The German Army 1939-45 (2), North Africa and Balkans, Osprey Pub., page 10

Thank you, Paska. I’m heading to the hobby shop today, and will check if they have that book.

Lots of pics of troops/crews dressed very informally: short sleeves/sleeves rolled up, at least two styles of shorts, long socks/short socks with low boots/shoes. If early campaign, pith helmets, or steel helmets/soft caps. If winter months, or cool nights, personelle can be seen wearing greatcoats and scarves. Sand goggles and face bandanas are also common items.

I’m well aware of the wide variety of uniform variations worn by the German Army in North Africa. The question was concerning the use of continental field gray uniforms and my answer addressed this issue. If we want to discus the vagaries of their uniforms, that is a different question. Soldiers in Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria and other Balkan nations were prescribed the M1940 Tropical uniform as well during the summer months, but wore continental uniforms during the winter. This lead to many personnel wearing a combination of continental and tropical uniforms.

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