German WWll panzer unit markings

I am building a panzer and wish to use decal markings other than those supplied with the kit, and am digging through my stash of left-over decals. Era is late-war. Were there any standard rules as to what colors were used for various divisions, companies, etc? (ie; which companies of which divisions used red-on-white, blue-on-white, black-on-white, etc. unit markings). I want to do a Frundsberg Panther, 1945, 1st, or 2nd Co., but can’t find any reference for the colors. I understand the unit numbering system used, but don’t know the particular colors. Anybody know, or is there a site I can access?
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This may have some info for you Leo - March 1945 is mentioned in the text on the last image:

Thanks. Guess I’ll go with the 3rd Company, although I thought in January they only had 2 companies of Panthers.
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I can only find 25 Panthers allocated to 10SS Pz here:
German Armor Allocation, January 1945 (
There are none in December 1944 or February 1945 either, so 25 will barely equip one company let alone 3. I’d suggest they may all have gone to 3rd company. Most panzer division by this time were down to one mixed battalion, Panthers and Panzer IV or Stugs.
Something else you may consider - colours. The 9th and possibly the 10th SS had previous for painting turret numbers in odd colours. There is photographic evidence for a pale centre, possibly yellow, outlined either in black or dark blue on Hohenstaufen Panthers in Normandy. In the Ardennes they were plain white. Frundsberg painted a simplified divisional marking on some of their Stugs in yellow and blue. The tank in the Missing-Lynx photo appears to have the division sign in white and the numbers in white with black centres, but they could have been in yellow/dark blue.