Germany 1945 M4A3E8 SHERMAN Easy Eight Paper Doll | Armorama™

Good Friday and time for inspiration today we are heading to Germany 1945 from modeller, member, and friend Xavier Aillaud and his stunning diorama of The M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Paper Doll entering Germany 1945. Even as the war raged, work was actively being done on improving Sherman's qualities and this resulted in the finalization of the "Horizontal Volute Suspension System" (HVSS) coupled to wider track links.

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Very nice, I’ll eventually work my way back to allied afvs and tank, (I even have an almost full set of Hobart’s funnies, the ones based on the Churchill at any rate) so it is useful to see Shermans etc. well painted. Must be thirty years since I last built a Sherman, (the old Tamiya kit) and am quite looking forward to the wide variety of variants. As a side note, I watched the film Fury earlier this week and if anything shows what is approaching genuine tank warfare that’s the one to watch, and it feature an easy eight like the one pictured albeit with the added timber protection crews often added to combat panzerfaust, etc.

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What fantastic build!

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